Founded in 2011, is the first digitally native news outlet to exclusively cover Atlanta rap music. We believe that Atlanta’s hip-hop landscape deserves this kind of focused coverage.

Years ago Atlanta took control of hip-hop’s center, both geographically and sonically. But as the hub of the genre, it’s been a steadily moving target, far more volatile than New York or Los Angeles ever were in their heyday. Trap music, snap music, strip club anthems: Atlanta can be almost anything it sets its mind to. –The New York Times, 2013

Our blog is dedicated to creating high quality content about the Atlanta hip-hop scene as a whole.

The ATLRap blog does not cover all of Atlanta’s rappers. Instead, we deliver news and insight about the Atlanta rappers who we feel are making the most impact in Atlanta, the United States and around the globe.

Our intent is to product high quality content that is relevant for long periods of time. ATLRap will provide insight about Atlanta rap music news that is not available anywhere else online.

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